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Container Corps is an Arts Press

Container Corps is a publication design studio, printshop, bindery, and exhibition space that serves as a platform for the creation, distribution, and discussion of new arts publications. We publish books-as-projects, or books-as-works in themselves, or primary sources. Our publications use the means of their production as an avenue of expression.

The books we publish are collaborations between artists and their ideas and our skills as editors, publication designers, and printmakers. They are works of art in themselves, rather than documentation of works in other media.

Our vertically integrated, design/build studio allows ideas (concepts, images, texts, research), materials (paper, ink, board, cloth, thread, glue), and technique (layout, typography, printmaking, binding) to coalesce into a fully realized type of publication.


We offer wholesale prices to bookstores, galleries, and museum shops.


If you're a press person in need of a review copy or high-resolution images from any of our publications, let us know.


We send out occasional emails with information about upcoming book releases, exhibitions, and other events. If you'd like to keep abreast of what we're up to, use this form to subscribe.

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